Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easy Art - Part 2

If you remember my Easy Art post from last week, I mentioned that after getting the pictures completed, I wanted to do a little more.

I held the pictures up against Youngest Daughter's pink wall and discovered, to my very great surprise, that the soft pink-y backgrounds of the kitty pictures blended in just a little too well with the soft pink-y wall. Oh my, can you imagine?

Some people think of these things before proceeding with a project, but I find life much more of an adventure if I can be surprised at the end of a project instead of thinking ahead. ::sigh!::

The truth is, the pictures needed a white frame to set them off from the pink wall, but the whole point of the dadgum project was to do something inexpensive and quick, and in this case, frame-less!

Well, what about sticking with the inexpensive part and painting a white "matte" for each picture on the wall.

So, I gathered a tape measure, level, square, painter's tape, pencil, and some leftover semi-gloss white paint and started to work.

Turns out, the thing I needed the most was a lot of 5th grade math to get this right. So, you do use math after getting out of school!! (Who knew??)

After taping off my "mattes," it was an easy matter to roll several coats of the white paint onto the pink wall.

All done!

When the paint had dried several hours later, I was left with 3 mattes ready for some adorable artwork.

So, up went the kitties, no longer blending in with the pink-y wall but standing out, being seen, looking cute.

Very cute!

Now my middle name isn't "Never-Leave-Well-Enough-Alone" for nothing. At this point, I can think of all kinds of things to make this "more." You could attach organza ribbons to the upper corners and put up pegs and make it look like the pictures were hanging from pegs. You could take off the buttons and do some freehand vines and little flowers around the mattes. You could distress the mattes a little. You could even install some really thin moulding around the edges of the painted mattes.

However, this post is called "Easy Art," not "What-More-Can-I-Do-To-Use-Up-More-Precious-Time Art." So, I think we'll just leave it like this.


  1. It looks great! hurray for leaving it as is!!! why make life more complicated when it looks great! I just love this idea!

  2. I would never have thought of that! It looks so good. That white "matte" really shows off those pictures.

  3. Your adorable kitty pics project turned out just Purrrr..fect.
    Kitties In Simple Settings.

  4. Meow! How adorable! You are soooo clever!!