Sunday, May 17, 2009

Calming and Invigorating

Do colors affect you emotionally? Boy, they do me! The right shade of periwinkle can give me flutters in my stomach, and a dreary gray can ruin my morning. (No, I don't get out much!)

So, when I opened my dishwasher the other day and saw these blues and greens,

I got the flutters. And I must say, it is so, so nice to open the dishwasher and have your stomach turn with pleasure for a change!

Call it azure and lime or cerulean and chartreuse or just plain blue and green, it doesn't matter. They're magic together!

From that moment on, everywhere I turned, there were more blues and greens to be enjoyed.

The morning's tea:

A handful of daughter's hair fixin's:

Cups and plates on a shelf:

Daughter's sparkly little crocheted bag:

A meaningful pendant:

Favorite thrifted sweater:

Beautiful glass shells:

Blue is gently lapping seas and summer skies. Calming. Bright greens are fresh spring leaves and tart limes. Invigorating.

Yep, calm and invigorated. That's what these colors have done for me this morning! Who needs a spa? I'm ready to start my Monday!


  1. Hi ...what a lovely blog i will be back often x Kieren

  2. ~sigh~ beautiful. calm.

    Love the sweater-a thrift store beauty for sure!!

  3. I love the blues & greens. This year I am also drawn to oranges & yellows. All the bright colors make me happy. Have a great day.