Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Pleasures of Purple

Everywhere I turn, I see purple in bloom, and it's making me drool!! I love all shades of purple flowers. Something about the color purple alive and blooming makes my heart beat a little faster and the day seem a little more joyful.

On the other hand, my love for purple flowers has reduced my children to groans, eye-rolling, and the covering of one's face in embarrassment.

I'm sorry, but I can't help pulling the car over, running across the road and kneeling face to face with a bachelor button to capture its fleeting existence on my camera.

I refuse to apologize for standing over a large clump of brilliant irises with camera in hand on the way into the orthodontist's office.

Want to see one closer? Oh, good!

And who can blame me for neglecting to leave for swimming lessons until I've gotten just the right shot of the velvet purple of the petunias by the front steps?

Speaking of bachelor's buttons, I've always found them an extremely disappointing flower individually---kind of sparse, a little scraggly, too thin. But the way they carpet the ground en masse can make your heart downright ache. (Children do not understand this either.)

I found this happy tangle of purple at the edge of a field across the road from our subdivision. It is, no doubt, a weed but a sweet and delicate weed.

And the violas from my table are still blooming away as I cart them in and out from table to deck to table to deck every other day.

So, let the children question my sanity and murmur quietly to each other about "bizarre and erratic behavior." I'm blissfully oblivious, enthralled with the pleasures of purple flowers!


  1. Beautiful pictures and descriptions, Shelley! So what is your favorite flower of all? I honestly don't know if this is a plant or a flower, but I love pansies.

    Talk to ya soon! Bonita

  2. Thank you for the beautiful color you gave my world today. :) We're not quite seeing those glorious colors just yet in Minnesota.

  3. Mmmmmmm thankyou for taking the time to photograph these gorgeous, glorious flowers. They are all so wonderful it's impossible to chose a favourite. Blue and violet flowers always stop me in my tracks too, there is definitely something special about those colours in bloom.

  4. I loved seeing your pictures! I especially love that entire field covered in blooms. When I looked at all those pretty purple flowers, I realized that I don't have a single purple flower in my entire yard. I think I will need to fix that ASAP. (I'm a pink and red girl myself!)

  5. It's so funny to read this after being soaked through b/c I was taking pictures of our 5 lilac bushes (1 white and 4 each a different shade of purple) and a plethora of bluebells in the middle of a spring shower! Good to know I'm not the only one! :) The picture of the field is lovely; thanks for sharing!

  6. We have lilac bushes in front of our office and my coworker brought in a bouquet of them to brighten up our work space. They are just beautiful. I am glad you take the time to smell the roses (or any purple flower)!

  7. Your unknown Purple flower is called, 'Cow Vetch' or it's latin name, 'Vica Cracca'. It is personally my favorite wildflower out there. We would pick great droopy bunches of it, along with wild sweet peas from the back field, to make the perfect boquet.