Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flowers, Flowers . . . Everywhere!

After a bout with some serious spring fever several weeks ago, I have made a pact with myself to endure the rest of this winter with a stiff upper lip and a very vigorous attempt at contentment!

No sense in grouching at grey, cold skies; complaining about bare trees; or cursing the frigid air as I roll out of my cushy, snug bed.

Nope, I've made up my mind. I'm going to embrace what's left of this winter and love it.

And wouldn't you know, all of my world has conspired against me to rob me of this contentment! From my mailbox to the shelves of retailers to the very ground beneath my feet, I've been wheedled, cajoled, and manipulated into laying aside every last shred of contentment and falling headlong back into the arms of some serious spring longings.

Look at what has come across my path in the last week!

Are these not just THE cutest spring earrings you've seen in your life???

Yes, these are right outside my front door . . . every day bursting a little further up . . . mocking my attempts at sober winter acceptance.

Oh, my. If you can resist the adorable jug of narcissi, you're going to find yourself totally ensnared by that luscious strawberry pavlova. Wonder if I could challenge myself into attempting that recipe??!!

Sweet roses from a sweet friend. Now, if this doesn't make you want to get on your knees and bury your head in your mother's summer rose bushes, nothing will . . . thorns notwithstanding!

Even flowers showing up on my fun E-Zine from Teresa McFayden. (Of course I'm right on schedule in completing my sampler; why do you ask? Okay . . . I've stitched the first letter in the word "Bloom." ::sigh::)

Flowers even showing up on Youngest Daughter's new headband. Temptation.

But never fear . . . I will conquer.

Snow and rain forecasted for today.

Now, where are my flannel pajamas . . . hot tea . . . afghan? (Wait a minute . . . I don't even own flannel pajamas!)


  1. So I wonder..........How is the "embracing winter" coming? I just got back from shopping and bought shorts............but alas....it's still Winter here too:) Thanks for the giggle that your fun post today brought. And on mine as well. XO

  2. I'm wishing for Spring in the next few weeks and sure enough winter is torturing us!! Our rain /snow is coming tonight.... i'm praying it's just rain!!
    thanks for the spring touches you showed!!!

  3. Haha! All very pretty things and ideas for spring!
    My post today however, sees the flip side :)

  4. I think we are all suffering from the fever!

  5. OK....first of all, those really are great earrings....second of all, you really do need a pair of flannel pajamas :) (I'm with you all the way - I'd settle for 2-3 straight hours of sun at this point!)

  6. YES! It snowed all day long...ahhhhh. And its still freezing here today. But the young man who checked me out at the grocery store tonight told me that this weekend is supposed to be beautiful. I'll send it your way if I can. Not to change the subject, but were you happy with how your stitched "B" turned out?!!! LOL! BTW, I am LOVING those dishcloths. I don't think I can ever use my normal ones again.

  7. Love those earrings! Yes, we had snow too. Umm, hello? This March...in Georgia no less. Pleeeeze hurry spring!

  8. I think spring has sprung here, but every time i think that we get a cold snap, but i guess i can be thankful that we dont get snow here. I seem to remember it wasnt long ago i was saying, "i cant wait for it to cool off" well i am now ready for the warm weather, and ready for eveything to green up and all the flowers to bloom! Love the earrings!