Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Risks of the Circus

Our every-once-in-a-while excursion to the circus, although an eagerly anticipated event, is always fraught with risk!

It begins when we walk through the front door of the stadium, when the Man of the House and I will immediately be accosted by little people to purchase the $35 glow-in-the-dark spinners that are currently selling at Dollar Tree for $4.99.

We run the risk of being considered spoil-sport, stingy, incomprehensible, insensitive, and out-of-touch. We joyfully accept such risk.

This harsh stance will also extend to $10 bags of cotton candy, $15 snow cones in plastic elephant cups, and $50 small stuffed tigers.

I can pretty much be assured that the day following the circus,Youngest Son will again attempt to teach our 2 large, aging dogs to perform feats of dexterity and daring.

This will involve the disappearance of large amounts of Milk Bones and an increase in our golden's arthritis.

Middle Son, on the other hand, will come back from the circus totally convinced that he can tightrope-walk the deck railing . . . and then free fall to the trampoline 1 story below.

Youngest Daughter will have reawakened within her her life's calling to some form of entertainment career involving skimpy outfits with lots of sequins and long, flowing hair.

There are many reasons for which this career path seems undesirable and ill-advised.

In the face of these risks, our crew of 7 continues to press on, enjoying the circus every couple of years.

The joy, excitement, and adrenaline rushes while enjoying the three rings, make the risks a small price to pay.

It is, after all, the greatest show on earth!


  1. Great pictures thanks for sharing, i have never seen a live circus, can you believe it, true though, my daughter has gone with friends. I love the elephants, I am sure a fun time was had by all.

  2. Haha! Funny post!
    I have a 90 year old uncle who always took me to the circus. He had a secret room in the attic FULL of elephants and miniature circus wagons, etc. Magical for all of us kids!

  3. Oh, I love it that you are wild, risk takers like my family!!!