Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sprucing Up For Spring

I haven't blogged in a few days so I could spruce up the Little Blog for spring.

I really wanted to have a picture in the banner that had at least a little something to do with "imperfection." But it wasn't attractive to show a sink full of dirty dishes or the current state of my desk.

I finally decided that the perfect way to show "living with imperfection" was to take one of my favorite flowers, the gerber daisy, in brilliant red and pull a few petals off one of them. Then I'd have a line of beautiful red gerbers and at the end of the line, one imperfect gerber.

Youngest Son and I drove off to get the flowers, and I tried to find the best place to photograph them.

I tried the rail of the deck, with the woods in the background. But you couldn't really see the "imperfect" red gerber, and the photo made it look like I live in the woods. And I don't live in the woods.

I just see them from my deck . . . and gaze after them longingly.

Then I tried photographing them on the deck with the brick of the house behind. But I thought the deck and brick were a little too orange-y and the red gerbers just blended in with the background a little too much.

Besides, it kind of looked like the blog should be called "Living With Imperfection on the Ranch," and I'm not Pioneer Woman . . . I just want to be.

The final photo shoot ended up to be perfect. On the side of the tub in the master bathroom. Yep, the tub . . . where I luxuriate in hour-long bubble baths every night {ahem . . . not!}

I just loved the way the red showed up against the white and the blue. And the column always makes me feel like I'm bathing in the Roman Baths. Or they would if I ever took a bath.

(I do, however, take showers. Just thought you should know.)

As soon as dinner was over, I made my announcement:

"Okay, everyone in to the computer to see my new banner for my blog!"

(Dramatic rolling of eyes by teenagers, attempts at escape by Youngest Son, reluctant shuffling of feet by the rest.)

I pulled it up onto the screen . . . hoping they would see its beauty, get the "imperfection" connection.

"Well, Mom, I love it all except that," said Oldest Son (his large pointer finger resting on the gerber with the missing petals).

"That is supposed to be the 'imperfection,'" explained Oldest Daughter dryly, who only knew this because I had divulged it to her earlier. "Nobody is going to get it, Mom."

"Okay, thank you all. I'm sure everyone has some homework to do now."

Ah, yes, nothing like a house full of teenagers to keep you humble . . . and balanced . . . and focused.

I don't even need to read books like "Humility." I have on-site tutors 24 hours a day.

Speaking of which, I put up a little "carousel" on the sidebar to show what I'm reading currently. I just LOVE when people share the books they're reading . . . the books they're enjoying.

Sorry, but I'm not a big fiction reader. Most of what I love is non-fiction. You can assume that any fiction that shows up on the carousel is probably what I'm currently reading aloud to the kids . . . one of the best parts of my day!

If you've found a great book, feel free to share!!

And now I will go sit in a corner of the couch and read "So Long, Insecurity . . . " and see if I can make it one more day in this household . . . with my self-confidence intact.


  1. I like your new picture! Nice work! And I like that you used your bathroom! Looks clean and fresh! Reminds me of febreeze linen scent. Now you just need to have a scratch and sniff blog! :)

  2. Gorgeous new banner....i love the scratch n sniff idea too...hee hee

  3. Since I receive your posts via email, I was reading along, {howled at the "just thought you should know" concerning the shower verbage}amused and entertained as you critiqued each photo, and then the photo against the pale blue paint came into view........LOVE IT! Although I must say, on the shot where you live in the woods, I adore the way the camera and light captured the etching on your scrumptious glassware. Wonderful post, Shelley!

  4. Well, I love the new look of your banner, and I GET the petal thing. If you hadn't spilled the beans on where you'd taken that picture, I never would have guessed- and I can't imagine anyone else would have either!
    If you get the chance to read my daughter's blog....it is a bit bleak at times which is probably why I was so taken by the picture that I posted.
    Thanks for your comments!

  5. I love the new banner! And the story behind it too. :) Feels very cheery and clean. Love it.

    And I'm on a Barbara Kingsolver book reading kick. I just finished The Bean Trees and am going to start The Poisonwood Bible next. Just one of the reasons I love her writing is because she knows how to write about the South.

  6. I love the new header -- it looks like a professional photograph -- and the story of how you made it. I have to admit that I didn't see the missing petals until you told me about them, but I think it is a great idea : )