Sunday, April 3, 2011

Halfway There

The blazing Prairie Fire throw is halfway done, and I still remain enchanted.  I thought I'd be out of my mind with the knit one, purl one of the moss stitch by now.  But instead, my fingers have started to move automatically and my mind can wander elsewhere as the stitches slip off the needle one by one.

I was, actually, going at a galloping pace with nary a slip-up, until the evening I was in the passenger's seat of the family vehicle while Oldest Son practiced his parallel parking and I was a-knitting and a-purling.  Parallel parking just wasn't going right for him, the test was in the morning, he was stressed and frustrated, I was stressing and worrying for him, and before you knew it, the even bumps of the moss stitch had turned into the beginnings of some unwanted ribs. 

Of course, that meant ripping out rows and backing up to the pre-parallel parking stitches.  Most frustrating to be sure.

So, we're back at it.  Knit, purl, knit, purl.  There will be some lovely warm toes this fall.


  1. Been there, done that! Try knitting a sweater for your mother-in law (who can take you or leave you, anyway), and have to take one of the sleeves apart 3 TIMES! Yeah, that was the last sweater I made. By the way, beautiful color!

    I've made, mmm, probably around 40 dish cloth and hand towel sets (7 dish cloths/2 hand towels) over the last 6 years. Am starting to learn how to crochet. I've been told by several people that it goes much faster and I would like to sell some, so speed definitely has to be a factor!

  2. Now I am in love with that colour!!! You are doing a fantastic job my friend. Oh can I relate to you on children and driving. I am afraid you are braver than I. My husband has to do all the teaching...I just make my children more nervous...2 down one more to go...and she will be the hardest to teach...I don't even want to go there yet!!!

    Happy day to you. I could sure wrap myself around your cozy blanket today...rain rain rain. xoxox

  3. Lovely simply lovely! I've been sewing for four years and I still can't purl! Of course I'm left-handed so it's hard to find someone to teach me the purl stitch.

  4. hi shelley....i love the moss stitch and have done plenty of dishcloths with that pattern! i wanted to start knitting a throw last fall, but it never happened. now i'm busy finishing up a couple other things, so will try again this fall. it just doesn't seem right to do one in the summer, does it?

    blessings on your week!

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