Friday, January 6, 2012


Wow but don't I feel like Cinderella come late to the party.  After watching beautiful blog by beautiful blog show their "finds" at the thrift store or the flea market or their neighbors curbside garbage, today I get to show my finds from my first day ever of flea market searching.

Uh, maybe not quite "searching."  When it is 19 degrees out and only 10 vendors have bothered to show up at risk of hypothermia, it might not exactly  be called "searching."  Rather, glancing . . . spotting . . . sighting.

Love, love, love these sweet little bottles.  In case you wanted to know, Kreml is a hair tonic from the 30's.  Yes, I'm quite the little storehouse of vintage knowledge now.  ::ahem::  I have them up behind my sink, and since pansies flourish in these parts all winter long, I can enjoy those chipper little pansy faces while doing my dishes.  Sweet!

Old well wheel, cocoa box, pitcher and 3 cent milk bottle.  Rustic, worn, used.  Makes me smile.  I think I'll do a few little vignettes on top of my cupboards.

The Man of the House looked slightly bewildered.  I told him I had "finds," and he pictured a new piece of furniture that became mine for $10.  He did not, however picture rusted metal, old glass and worn silver.

This could be a frustrating new obsession.  Poor man.


  1. Great finds! I like the Cocoa box! Very cool! :)

  2. L♥ve Pansies
    L♥ve your little bottles ♥ ♥ ♥

    I'm supposing you refer to fustrating to Hubby's point of view?????? :*)


  3. Such cute things. You are lucky, in Calgary there are very few vintage stores and anything that is vintage = $$$. Thank you for visiting my blog and a happy 2012. I was shocked when artful blogging asked me to do a piece for them; I very much enjoyed that entire process.

  4. Oh, I love love love those sweet little bottles. Your pansies add a pretty little pop of sunshine to a winter's day.