Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Watch a Basketball Game

7:15 pm - Arrive at game.  Find that the Varsity Girls are still playing.  Dig for the magazine that I have surreptitiously stowed in my purse.  Drool over the cupcakes.  Determine to have a "French Country Kitchen" by Thursday.

7:30 pm - Loudly cheer for Oldest Son's team coming on to the court.  Admire his warm-up shots.  Silently curse kit lens that came with my Nikon.

8:00 pm - First quarter break.  Avoid eye contact with basketball-loving fans, including My Husband, while snatching up my magazine.  Sigh over fabulous table setting idea.

8:05 - Second quarter begins.  Resume loud cheering for Oldest Son and his team.  Scold refs, encourage point guard, instruct Oldest Son as necessary.

8:20 pm - Half-time.  Sneak more looks at my magazine.  Remember that I have not had dinner and am wildly hungry.  Salivate over cupcakes, tea, and candies of various delectable-ness.

Become totally distracted by the step team!

8:35 - Third quarter begins.  Stuff magazine and cheer for Oldest Son and his team.  Scold coach, mutter at opposing team's fans, admonish defense as necessary.

9:00 pm - Third quarter break.  Realize that everyone has accepted that I love my magazine as much as the game of basketball.  Notice female fan down the bleacher eyeing my "read" and wishing she had brought one of her own.  File away cool idea of how to display a book.

9:05 pm - Enter into fourth quarter.  Focus on taking pictures.  Make increasingly loud comments to My Husband regarding the ability of my kit lens to get any decent pictures.  Begin to list lenses that would improve my quality of life.

9:30 pm - Game over.  Exit game, magazine safely stowed once again.  Think how much I love watching my son play his game.  Think how much I love looking at my magazine.


  1. This seems like a perfectly logical way to watch a basketball game to me! (thanks for the tip...we're just beginning to venture into the world of games, meets, lessons, etc. I have found knitting is also quite a help during these times :)

  2. you are soo funny! i can totally relate! :) love it.