Friday, January 13, 2012

Perfectly Perfect

In life, perfectly perfect things do not come along often.

So when they do, one must enjoy them to the full, celebrate them, drink them up!

Which brings me to the subject of my perfectly perfect new slippers.

Let's begin by saying that I am NOT a slipper person.  In my opinion, slippers tend to make a person look frumpy and schlumpy.  There is nothing worse than having someone meet you at the door with slippers that have been worn much longer than the manufacturer intended (for some slippers, that's just about a week) and are now an odd, faded color, fabric threadbare, fluff matted down, and let's not even talk about how a slipper can lose its ability to ever again look clean.

Instead, I have chosen to go barefoot in the house, summer and winter, so instead of looking frumpy and schlumpy, I have instead looked barefoot (occasionally pregnant---5 times to be exact) and cold.

Until now.  Until I found the most perfectly perfect pair of slippers ever, ever.

Aren't they the cutest?  Suede upper, stitch-y look, fur for a little style, nice hard sole for running out to the mailbox, inexpensive, warm.

If I wear them enough, now, the cracks and callouses on my heels may actually one day be soft again.  Slippers can be a good thing.  Who knew?

If you just must have a pair, Target has them here.

Come to think of it, I may just order another pair to replace these when they inevitably wear out.  After all, in life, perfectly perfect things do not come along often.


  1. I am a barefoot kind of gal myself. One of my besties sent me some slippers for Christmas and I have recently discovered the joy of cozy, slippered feet in our recent brisk weather =D Your slippers look extra snazzy; I just might keep an eye out the next time I am in Tarjay.

  2. I am a felted slipper them but now yours look pretty amazing if I say so myself my friend! Hugs for a great is a snowy one xoxo