Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Infuriating But Irresistible

Those infuriating, irresistible, frustrating, seductive things called "Resolutions."

I think they are overrated and reek of self-effort, which quite frankly has not gotten me very far in life.

And yet, are they not seductive . . . new year, fresh start, and unbruised hope.

No, I cannot resist.  What is a new year without a few goals.  Yes, we'll call them goals.

I had to show you the beautiful picture above because I would have hated to have started out this post with this:

Goal #1 - Drawers/Cupboards/Pantries/Closets of the M Household.  There is a slight chance that by beginning to work toward this goal on 1/3/2012 they may be able to be organized, decluttered, corralled and brought under control by the dawn of 2013.

Goal #2 - Early to Bed / Early to Rise (see beautiful sunrise picture above).  I know in my heart this works.  Convincing my body of this truth is quite another matter.


Goal #3 - More time spent out of doors with the three youngers . . . biking, hiking, enjoying creation.  Okay, so this is taken in Nepal and shows a professional mountain-biker riding an expensive mountain-bike, none of which has anything to do with my current situation.  But it is inspiring, no?

Goal #4 - Make meal plans, make shopping lists, grocery shop.  Repeat every 2 weeks.  No more of this running to Publix at 5:30 every night desperately hoping for inexpensive, quick and delicious inspiration to hit.

Goal #5 - Finish this lap blanket.  My children have been waiting for winter warmth for a year and a half now.  How can I continue to deny them?

Goal #6 - Begin my day with the enjoyable habit of a quick blog post and delightful visits to the blogs of other creative souls out there who inspire my day.

And if, as 2012 comes to an end, these goals remain elusive dreams, then I will wake up at the dawn of 2013 with yet another new year before me, with a fresh start and another healthy dose of unbruised hope.

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