Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prairie Fire - A Return

It's been eyeing me archly for months now.  Then I started noticing the edges of an accusatory attitude.  Which was followed up by full-on condemnation.

My Prairie Fire knitting.

I hadn't picked it up since spring 2011 blew in all warm and fragrant.

In my defense, I have to say that the Prairie Fire is very thick, warm and wooly . . . exactly why I chose the yarn.  And while it is yummy to knit it in the damp cold of winter, once spring makes its entrance (and it makes its entrance early in the South!!) holding poundage of bulky, loosely woven wool across my lap begins to make me feel hot and slightly claustrophobic.

And then, there's the issue of moss stitch.  Whose big idea was that?  Instead of zinging down the rows with the continuous knit stitch of the very pedestrian garter stitch, I had to choose a stitch where I knit 1, throw the yarn, purl 1, throw the yarn, knit 1, throw the yarn, purl 1 . . . you get the idea.

And as a final blow, there have been other yarn-y type things that have caught my attention and made the previously infatuating Prairie Fire look downright dull.

Prairie Fire and I might have continued our standoff of condemnatory glances and cool disdain, if several things hadn't happened to bring me back to a place of commitment.

#1 - Days on end of cold, damp weather.  Wet cold that seeps into the very bones.
#2 - Children's shivers upon awaking to a large, open house in cold, damp weather.
#3 - Hours spent supervising children's math, feeling crazy impatience about to drive me over the edge.

So, in the end, the combination of chill, motherly pride, and a desire for sanity led me to finally once again pick up the dear Prairie Fire.

In no time at all the knits and purls were coming quickly and easily.  The bulky weight of the half-finished throw lay warm and comforting across my lap and up my waist.

Prairie Fire and I are once again in a relationship.  Now, to finish it up before the warm breezes of spring come again and steal my focus!!


  1. Have you considered knitting using the Continental Method (http://www.knittinghelp.com/video/play/seed-stitch-continental). I am only a beginner knitter, but I can manage a scarf or two (including using the seed/moss stitch) - enjoy it even without ever having thrown the yarn over =D

    I love that Granny Square Pillow; it looks fabulous. I am even more of a beginner with crocheting, but I am trying to give Granny Squares a go now and again.

  2. I am a visual learner, but I didn't know anyone that could show me how to knit during the time I wanted to learn. I found the Knitting Help videos and didn't know which knitting style to learn. My cursory research described the Continental Method as faster and easier; two words that spoke to my heart :-) So, that is what I learned and method I still use. Now that I have knitting friends (and I watch them throw the yarn), I am happy I made the choice that I did. Throwing the yarn looks like an extra step and another opportunity for me to mess up. The downside is that when I need assistance, I must rely on videos rather than knitters I know IRL.