Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Butterfly Birthday

Birthday parties are always unbelievably thrilling to Youngest Daughter (as they usually are to all little children!!) . . . something to be thought about, dreamed of, planned for. And this birthday party was the most special of all . . . the birthday party of her best friend. I'll call her Chinababy because that's what we've called her since the first picture arrived at her parent's home and we all knew that really, really, really the H's were going to get a baby all the way from China.

Chinababy's birthdays are always a girl's wonderland . . . with themes like "fairies" or "ballet." This year it was butterflies. And what little girl doesn't love that bright, elusive, winged creature!

The partygoers even got to try out the joy of "being" butterflies . . . or at least of feeling the freedom of wings upon your back.

What a fun cake! A stack of soft pink cupcakes instead of the traditional round cake cut into 12 wobbly wedges.

Sparkly pink sugar, pastel nonpareils, malted strawberry milk balls atop creamy pink frosting . . . a butterfly's delight!

Yes, Chinababy, this cake is for you. Happy birthday Best Friend.

Then the little butterflies flitted off to the garden, where they are happiest, to swing and ride and feel the soft warm sunshine on their wings.


  1. I like the soft edges of your photos - do you use photoshop or a filter?

  2. What sweet pictures of precious little girls.
    I love backyard parties. The butterfly theme is adorable.


  3. I love that sweet, pink butterfly birthday. It looks like the girls had a wonderful time. The picture of them with their wings is just adorable.

  4. What beautiful girls. I'm sure they had a magical day. Now, I'll take one of those cupcakes pleeeze. :)