Friday, June 19, 2009

The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Boy

Please allow me to introduce you to Middle Son. Hello, Middle Son.

You have now seen him the full amount of time that I will see him on any given day of this summer.

A second before I snapped this photo, he said 3 words to me.




The first word told me the location to which he was headed. The second, the adult into whose care I would be entrusting him. The third word told me whether he was leaving or arriving. And this summer it's generally leaving.

Pool, kickball, "manhunt" (huh??), pool, capture the flag, "sardines," pool . . . I've lost him to a summer of playing in all the best kinds of ways, all over the neighborhood, with some really fun neighborhood kids.

When he leaves, I am convinced it's without a single thought of ever coming home again. He's only coaxed back under duress to complete the day's chores, world's quickest meals, and enough sleep to give him the energy to start it all up again in the morning.

'Bye, Middle Son. See you in the fall!


  1. Aaah freedom! Isn't it wonderful? Some people love Sept. when schools reopen- I always hated Sept. because it meant formal schedules again, and I always hated that. (My youngest are in college, so I don't have that strict schedule anymore.)
    Nothing beats the come and go freedom that summer brings. Enjoy.

  2. Ahh, summertime and boys. They just go together, huh?

  3. So cute. I know he's having a blast. Just wait until he disappears to Texas or something... I mean that's where mine is right now. Yep - he's working there and I'm missing him like I would miss a limb. (Not a tree limb, mind you, but a leg.)

    I hope you have an awesome summer and that your disappearing boy makes frequent appearances to hug you.