Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Off to Camp

Suitcase and pillow by the door, eager, excited chattering upstairs and feet scurrying back and forth. Hugs, grabbing of last forgotten items, calls of "goodbye" into siblings' bedrooms. Youngest Son is off to camp . . . for the first time . . . ever.

He's attained the ranks of the "big kids," going off . . . all by yourself . . . for a whole week.

The camp is lovely . . . small, intimate, woodsy, friendly, aglow with the enthusiasm of camp counselors with the vitality and energy of youth.

There's tedious waiting at the rustic lodge, waiting to register . . . eager 10 year-old feet itching to explore, run, roam.

Youngest Son finds his bunk . . . his home for the week. The cabin room is vibrating, pulsing with 13 junior-boy-age wildness . . . tumbling, pillow-fighting, arm wrestling. The counselor looks unfazed and smiles at them indulgently. Bless your heart, you saint! The counselor is relying on his rules posted above his bed: "#1 - Stay out of counselor's stuff! #2 - Stay off counselor's bed." Mmm-hmm.

The boys' cabin area is as lovely, woodsy and rustic as the lodge. The camp's lake shimmers and laps its shore off the back porch. I would like to live here . . . without the 100+ junior-age boys.

It's time to go, to leave Youngest Son to his adventurous week.
I have the urge to ply him with questions and reminders. Don't forget to put the cortisone on your poison ivy once a day. How are you ever going to sleep without your stuffed penguin? Remember that your sunscreen and bug spray are in the outer right-hand pocket of your duffel bag. I refrain.

Goodbye, Youngest Son. Spread your wings, My Dear. Enjoy this next step on your inevitable march toward independence. We'll be waiting for you eagerly at the end of the week.


  1. That is an amazing looking camp. I want to to go. It's hard to let them go for the first time. I let my youngest go to camp last year for the first time. She got on those big buses and pulled out with 300 other kids. My throat had a huge lump in it.
    Looks like a great camp for him. We'll wait for the report at the end of the week. :)


  2. Oh can't you just imagine if he had brought along that stuffed penquin. The horror! But I bet he'll be lovin' on it when he gets home (and on his mama too). I love little boys, but I'm partial. :) I hope he has a week filled with HUGE fun!

  3. Well, that one brought some tears to my eyes. But then again, most posts about your children (or mine) bring those tears.

    That camp is absolutely gorgeous! Do they do camp for grownups, too? I would like to sign up.

    I hope he has a wonderful time. I know it is such a big deal to go away for the first time - it was for mine. You have a good week, too. Don't miss him too much! :) (And since you haven't missed him or anything, make sure you just about squeeze his guts out with hugs when he gets home.)