Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lace and Blue

Can you even imagine the delightful Providence that arranged for two of my very favorite flowers to be in full bloom at the same time? They're just created to go together.

I'm talking about the wild and delicate Queen Anne's lace

And the sophisticated and bold hydrangea.

Opposites attract, right? These two are a match made in Heaven!!

I went to cut a frothy armload of the Queen Anne's today. (By the way, I went back behind an old warehouse where I just know a bush hog was going to come mow in a matter of days, so please don't have me arrested for pilfering protected wildflowers!!) And I made a most delightful discovery. Did you ever notice how the large disc of the Queen Anne's is made up of miniscule discs that are an exact replica of the whole? Just one more delightful observation that makes me stand in awe of this delicate flower's Creator.

And how about the magic of the hydrangea, that depending on what you feed it you can make it blue, purple or pink???

Now, at this point, I should be showing you this "match made in Heaven" in a gorgeous arrangement of the two on my dining room table. But there is one problem with that. I do not have a hydrangea bush, and I just know the covenants and restrictions of my subdivision do not allow me to surreptitiously snip, snip, snip a couple of coveted blooms from my neighbor's heavily weighted plant. I will remedy this next year!!

So, instead, I plunked my Queen-Anne's-stolen-from-behind-the-warehouse blooms in mason jars and tied them up with dreamy hydrangea-blue organza.

My tribute to the beautiful summer blend of lace and the blue hydrangea.



  1. Glorious. Love Queen Annes' lace. Did you know that it's one of Kathryn Hepburns favorite flowers, so how could that be wrong or considered a weed by some.

    Found you over on Attic 24. Don't you just love her stuff and life. She really brightens my day.

    The Garden Bell - Kate

  2. Queen Anne is so delicate and King Hydrangea is so bold. Totally beautiful photos, Shelley.

  3. Gorgeous photos - I love that you take th etime to make your home so beautiful with such elegant but simple touches. And Queen Anne's lace is one of my favorites. Our fields in Virginia were full of them and I miss them!!

  4. Two favorites.
    I don't see much Queen Anne Lace here in Texas. I've always loved it though. I do have a pink hydrangea in my yard.
    Your arrangement on your table turned out just beautiful.

  5. I love Queen Anne's Lace. I can remember as a small child, my mother and grandmother would talk about QAL as though it was just another weed. I grew up thinking it was nothing much. But as I've gotten older I realize what a beautiful flower it really is. We have it growing wild all over the place here in Georgia. Your arrangements are lovely. If we lived closer I'd bring you a huge bouquet of my hydrangeas.