Friday, June 5, 2009

One Down . . . One To Go

Around midnight last night I ripped this little bootie out for the third time and by the wee hours of this morning I at last had finished it off. Finished one . . . just one. And now I must get the right bootie done.

There are just a couple of problems with this, however. First, the baby shower for which they are intended is at 9:30 Saturday morning. It is now 1:35 Friday afternoon. Yes, that's 32 hours, but in that 32 hours I must:

* Take Oldest Daughter to the downtown library.

* Take Oldest Son to basketball practice

* Take Middle Son to roller skating

* Fix dinner

* Wash 5 loads of laundry so people have underwear

* Pick up said children from said destinations

* Water My Mom's garden, potted plants, feed kitty, etc.

* Attend basketball tournament.

So, just saying, if you're in my town and you see a car weaving drunkenly down the road, that will be me, driving with my knees and madly crocheting with beautiful ecru silk.


  1. Oh dear. How's it coming?

    That one bootie sure is beautiful! :)

  2. You cracked me up. That sounds like something I would certainly do - both all of the errands AND the driving and crocheting.

    I hope you got it finished. You are probably on your way to the shower by now. How is it that we always seem to think we have more time that we actually have?

  3. That is a precious little bootie. But pace yourself dear woman!


  4. Hey, Shelley, these booties are terrific. And I don't even have any babies around so won't be making any, any time soon.
    Found your comment on Attic24.
    Lucy has the capability to inspire, doesn't she.
    I'm having a blast creating crochet, crochet Lucy-style.