Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning to Love Vintage

(Quilt made by either my grandmother or great-grandmother)

I have to confess that I haven't ever given "vintage" a lot of respect. There has been a good bit of vintage floating around in our family and every couple of years My Mom will bring me over an armful that might include linens, tableware, pictures, or the odd piece of furniture.

I've been appreciative and for the most part treated them with care . . . ummm, for the most part. But I definitely didn't give them the honor they deserved.

(Quilt made by my grandmother)

Until I entered Blogland. Curiously, some of the favorite sites I've been drawn to have been blogs of women who love, love, love vintage . . . antique . . . old. I guess I'm salving my conscience by vicariously watching them revere and delight in their heirlooms or thrifting finds.

(My great-grandmother's kitchen utensils)

Some vintage-loving blogs I enjoy are Brin's, Deb's, Anna's, and Lulu's. They've inspired me to appreciate the old, use it, enjoy it, display it.

(My grandfather--born in 1904--remembered his grandmother rocking in this chair!)

So, this week, when My Mom brought me over another armful, I wasn't so quick to smile appreciatively and shove the contents to the back of a closet. I'm learning to enjoy the history, beauty, craftsmanship, and memories that vintage represent.

(Yes, another of my grandmother's quilts)

Thanks blogging friends!


  1. The second quilt with the black-- oh so lovely-- the dark borders make the colors pop!

    It took me some years before I appreciated old things, things with history, but now I'm so happy to make my grocery lists at the desk my husband's grandmother bought with her second paycheck, or see a geat grandmother's glass basket in my china cupboard!

    Enjoy your (newly discovered) treasures!

  2. Those kitchen utensils are wonderful. You have some nice pieces. The quilts are beautiful.
    I have a few piece too. They dont' always fit into the current decor so I have a hard time displaying them, but I'm still glad I have them.

    Your grandmother's quilt is so pretty.


  3. I have never been a fan of vintage either but I am also learnign to love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh - I am all about vintage. (Have you ever been inside my house?) So send your old quilts this way when they begin to smell like mothballs in your closet.
    And if living closer to you meant that I could spend more time pursuing photography or writing or whatever - we may be moving tomorrow!!!

  5. I. Am. So. Jealous. I know, I know. You're not supposed to be jealous. I do have some of my paternal grandmother's things and I cherish them and display them. I am SO sentimental and have always been. I have nothing of my mother's mother and I wish I did. Even my mother doesn't really have anything of her mother's - that is so sad to me.

    You have inherited some absolutely beautiful things. One of the reasons I love the things handed down to me so much is that they signify family and continuity. I know that if I take care of them and cherish them, I can then give them to MY children. I don't know, but that just trips my trigger.

    P.S. Yes, my one and only brother is younger than me by 2 years. I love him alot and we also fought like crazy when we were young

  6. You know what they say, "Great minds think alike." ;)

    I love your quilts. You lucky girl. My grandmother made quilts for me when I was growing up. I think I have two left. I was young and stupid, dragging them to the lake, the beach, etc until they disappeared. Someone should have smacked me.

  7. Oh my gosh, this post made me light-headed!! Those quilts!!! You are SO lucky to have all of those heirlooms, I would just love that! My great-grandparents immigrated from Hungary around the turn of the century and our family has one quilt that belonged to my great-grandmother, I believe she made it in Hungary. Right now it is at my mom's house but she knows I have my name, figuratively, all over it for the future. :) That rocking chair is amazing too.