Monday, June 22, 2009

Knotted up in a Crochet/Knit Quandry

I've shown you my knitted dishcloths. I've shown you my crocheted baby booties. But, now it's time for a project. I mean something of substance.

You see, it won't be long before our family of 7 is going to be heading out to our big silver van, packing enough goods to last a month, and driving 24 hours to Minnesota for a reunion. Yes, that's 24 hours sitting in the passenger seat of a conversion van there, 24 hours sitting in the passenger seat of a conversion van back, and (perhaps) another 5 hour jaunt to Lincoln, Nebraska. As I said . . . I need a project of substance.

I had so much fun getting back into crochet when I did up those baby booties. So, I thought I'd maybe like to crochet up an afghan for the master bedroom. Look at this gorgeous beauty!!

The pattern is in this book. I love, love, love paisley. I can see it elegantly draped across the end of our bed . . . until stolen by a devious child.

I had totally set my heart on this paisley beauty, had the heart flutters and all, when I flipped over a Debbie Bliss magazine and found this picture in an ad for a new Ella Rae knitting book.

Oh, my!! Now we're talking knitting, not crochet. This stunning creation took me beyond the heart flutters to the butterflies in the tummy. Simply amazing. But maybe a bit TOO ambitious??

Then there's also the fact that wonderful Lucy in Attic24 has really gotten me wanting to do a crocheted ripple blanket in many fun colors, perfect for having around for children to snuggle under on chilly winter mornings.

Isn't that fun. It would be really quite exciting to move from one delicious color to another, without taking a lot of brain work to keep up with the pattern. I could totally see that working on the 24-hour trip . . . giving me the ability to still hand out snacks, put in a new CD, or keep children from crossing the invisible line into the other's territory in the backseat.

And then, you DO realize Christmas will be here in a mere 6 months. Which does bring up the possibility of some Christmas knitting. Wouldn't I be proud of myself if I actually completed a project before Christmas Eve!!

What about a knitted cushion for a favorite brother and sister-in-law?

You can buy these at Neiman-Marcus for a mere $284. That would be $284 EACH. Yikes! Debbie Bliss has a simple moss stitch cushion cover in this magazine buttoned up with big gorgeous shell buttons. Dreamy!!

So, I've gotten myself into a lovely knot of knitting and crocheting confusion. Can't decide what to tackle. But must soon. 24 hours of staring into space watching cornfields flick by could begin to drive a person crazy. What to do! What to do!

Any suggestions, dear friends??


  1. Yikes! It sounds like you have quite the predicament! But in a good sort of way. :)
    When I travel I like to take along a few projects. Mainly because if I work on one thing for too long I get rather tired of it.
    I usually include something that is fairly straight forward, I call it "mindless" knitting/crochet. That is for when everything is quite hectic and there is much to see but I still want to keep my hands busy.
    A more complicated pattern is for when I have more time to consentrate, ie, five hours of flat brown fields, or perhaps at night when everyone is zonked and I only have the little overhead light to work by.
    Don't know if this was a help or not.
    I look forward to seeing what you decided on, and some pictures of it when you return from you trip.
    Safe travels!

  2. Do the cushions - you can do lots more and they are so cute and you can more variety, plus, you will not get tired of one pattern because you can do a different pattern on each one, with coordinating colors if you must. Or not. So - go paisley, go stripes, go crazy!

    Our family has made those trips as well - a few summers ago we drove to visit on the Little House on the Prairie sites.

    Two summers ago (when I was pregnant with Piper) we drove all the way to Wyoming - 32 hours. Wow. What a journey!

    Have a great trip! (Get some books on CD)

  3. I say the afghan! You will always remember your trip when you use it (hopefully the trip is a good one!).

  4. Wow! I applaud you for making that 24 hour drive with all of your children. You are one brave and loving mama.

    Okay, I love paisley so much. I mean, I LOVE paisley. So that blanket really trips my trigger. However, if it is complicated, it could be too hard to take on while multi-tasking in the car. And that would make it not fun, which in turn would probably make you dislike the blanket if you ever got it finished.

    I really like the rainbow ripple afghan. It looks like home and children to me. Maybe you could let the kids help you decide the color order while you drive? You know, something else for them to either fight over, or enjoy. Either way, you still have a relatively easy, very beautiful project.

    And for ease of transport, the cushion covers are probably the winner. You could make bunches of them and you would certainly have a head start on gift giving. And, as the commenter above said, you won't get tired of one pattern.

    I personally like repetitious patterns simply because they ease my mind. I have crocheted my way through many sleepless nights and it always relaxes me.

    Whatever you decide will be beautiful, I'm sure, and will have wonderful memories attached to it. And, you have to be sure to show us the finished product(s)!

  5. Hi Shelly
    id go with the ripple blanket, i took mine in the back of our car on a 6-7 hour journey, i could ripple, weave in loose ends as i went along, still do the dvd, read books sing songs, hand out drinks and crochet at the same time, have you seen alicias ripple on posy gets cosy here

    when i saw that i just drooled for about an hour, he!!!
    have fun on your trip,
    felicity xx

  6. oh so many pretty choices!!! i'm torn too. let us know what you decide.

    minnesota!!! hmmm! :) swing by here, why don't you!

  7. I'd pick the ripple afghan, but portability issues might make an afghan/blanket done in individual squares and seamed together an easier project.

    Two years ago I knit one of my daughters the Lizard Ridge Afghan featured at This summer I am knitting another daughter a Mitered Squares Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Something like either of those is very easy to work on while traveling.