Sunday, June 7, 2009

Window Shopping at the Wrinkled Egg

I've blogged about The Wrinkled Egg before . . . favorite quirky gift shop in the mountains of North Carolina . . . purveyor of interesting, hand-crafted, and fun items.

Want to do a little window shopping with me? Just a quick dash in and out.

Aren't these pots interesting? I thought they were pottery but on closer inspection found them to be metal with great detail and finishing!

I'm not a really big fan of garden art, but I loved this little terra cotta guy . . . especially up against the robin's egg blue of the wall. So sweet!

My eye went right to this antique, updated-to-turquoise screen. It wouldn't work anywhere in my house . . . nowhere. But I wish I had a house that it would work in. You know, a beach cottage or mountain home where everything could be quirky and comfy and bright. (My home is more traditional.) Yes, I think I'll take one beach cottage to go with this screen. Thank you very much.

Rats, I was hoping you could see this bird cage a little better, but the bright yellow wall and hanging art are a little distracting. But isn't this a great bird cage?? It had several bright and perky finches in it. I could just see this on a large, screened-in porch.

Like I said, bright, quirky . . . I'll take one of these too for my beach cottage!

Over the years, customers have brought actual wrinkled eggs which their hens have layed to share with the owners of the store. Who knew? Hens actually do lay wrinkled eggs. (But why would you name a shop after them???)

This is humorous but also, I think, a little startling to have this visitor peeping at you from your wall day after day.

This little sign gave me a jolt as I glanced at it. "Please, God, let my home give my children a great beginning to their story . . . a joyful, peaceful, loving beginning . . . so that wherever they may be down the road of life, they may remember the spirit of home and be drawn to the Father who is that Joy, Peace, and Love.


  1. This looks like a place I'd love to spend an afternoon. What fun!

  2. I, too, love that sign and want the same things for all of my children.

    As for the screen and the bird cage - could I please have a beach house to go along with those, too? I love that cottage-y, beach-y decorating, but my house is anything but a cottage. I want it to be, but it just is not. However, I do have 2 little Zebra Finches that would love to make their home in that cage. Actually, they like their cage just fine, but I would love for them to have that pretty new home!

    Thank you for sharing your trip. I think those wrinkled eggs are sort of weird, though. :)

  3. I'd love to stop by the wrinkled egg sometime...


  4. That sounds like my kind of shop. So much eye candy in there. I had no idea that hens could lay wrinkled eggs. I guess I'm too citified. But I'm a wannabe country girl.

    I like all the pictures. The pots in the top picture are great. I could find a place for them.